Face the World provide training in a range of holistic treatments including the award-winning Face the World Facial.
The College of Bowen Studies provides first-class training in Bowen Therapy.
Polka Dot Skies sells gorgeous gifts for tiny tots - clothing, books, toys, nursery items, etc
Polka Dot Skies - 'Gorgeous Gifts for Tiny Tots' a shameless plug for another of my businesses! Web-based boutique selling unique gifts for newborn babies, toddlers and Mummy too! Our products include organic baby clothing, children's books, soft toys, nursery items and toiletries. We source gorgeous products, selected with care and love from a wide range of quality suppliers and local craftspeople, we can giftwrap them for you and post the gift direct to the recipient, while you enjoy browsing from the comfort of your own home. 

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College of Bowen Studies continues to be at the forefront of developing and publicising both complementary medicine and The Bowen Technique in general. The technique is not an old, dead technique, but one alive to the potential of thousands of new approaches. Our motto is that Bowen is not a series of procedures, but instead is a vibrant system of bodywork... discovery, curiosity and exploration is the name of the game for us.
Face The World Award-winning holistic beauty company, specialising in our patented Signature Facial and natural skin care products. Combine the effects of music therapy, touch, aromatherapy and skin rejuvenation via our blissful, multi-sensory journey around the world... To shop for Face The World products, please go to my Product Shop.