LaStone® (Hot and Cool Stones) Massage Therapy

About the treatment

LaStone Therapy is a contemporary approach to alternating temperatures in massage using stones. The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven, and adjusting different temperatures on the body to aid healing and to gain certain reactions has been used throughout time. LaStone Therapy capitalizes on these traditional practices with a current approach. Based on ancient Native American healing rituals this truly unique massage uses the healing energy of warm volcanic smoothed stones and cool marble or jade stones, to ground, balance and vitalize the body, mind and spirit. One massage stroke with the stones is the equivalent to ten with the hands, making this an extremely stimulating treatment with long-lasting effects.


Each LaStone session is dependent upon the needs of the client and a full consultation will take place prior to each treatment. Generally, stones are placed on key points of the body and put into your hands to hold. This brings about a feeling of warmth and a strong connection to the Earth and nature. Holding the stones provides a point of connection and focus. Crystals may also be used at the chakra points or elsewhere in the room. A massage is given using both the hot and cool stones. The stones are of differing shapes and sizes which allow deeper work into the muscles. Every LaStone therapist will explain how important their stones are to them - it is always a pleasure to feel the stones in your hands. It is also a treatment for me! The stones used in LaStone Therapy bring their own power and essence to the treatment. Basalt provides stability, strength and clarity in difficult times; it eases anger and promotes relief from stressful situations. Marble is a stone used for protection; it aids in personal success and body tone; it can also help in recalling dreams and promoting meditation.


The benefits of LaStone Massage Therapy

LaStone Therapy is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. For anyone who leads a stressful life, needs to relax or just wants a treat, a LaStone Massage will be of benefit. It offers the opportunity to give time to yourself. It helps you to unwind and relax. LaStone Therapy can help relieve muscular aches and pains. The use of cool stones helps to reduce any painful after-effects following deep massage or over-exertion. The combination of alternating temperatures helps to tone the muscles. The application of cool stones helps to reduce inflammation, scar tissue and pain, promoting mobility. On a physical level, LaStone's approach of alternating between hot and cool stones flushes the body of toxins and cleanses the lymphatic system. LaStone Therapy, however, goes far beyond the physical experience of a typical massage. It offers well-being and a positive Body-Mind-Spirit experience.


What happens during a treatment?

All my treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. An initial consultation is essential to understand your needs, symptoms, conditions and preferences. During your treatment a range of movements will be used on the skin, muscles and joints. Modesty and confidentiality are guaranteed at all times. Many clients discover that the treatments are so beneficial they return on a regular basis.


What happens after a treatment?

After your treatment, your body may require a short time to adjust. Everybody's experience is different and unique to them, however some of the more common effects include:

  • Feeling less stressed, both physically and psychologically;

  • Generally feeling more relaxed, sleepy, or tired;

  • An increase in warmth and reddening of the skin due to improved circulation;

  • Temporary aching and soreness in the muscles, this will be short-lived and followed by welcome relief from previous muscular tension.

All of these feelings are normal, and indeed beneficial, to your body and mind.




LaStone Hot and Cold Stone Massage
Relax with LaStone hot stone massage