Face The World® Holistic Facial

About the treatment

This award-winning patented holistic facial will take you on a multi-sensory journey around the world with the aromas, techniques and products used, whilst you enjoy the choreographed music. The products are a result of cutting-edge technology combined with active naturals in a gentle paraben-free and cruelty-free system suitable for all skin types. This delightful journey includes a cleanse and tone, an exfoliation and mask, facial massage and moisturise - a treat for your skin while the mind, body and soul relaxes. A complimentary mini treatment of either an Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage or Tibetan Hand Massage is included while the mask firms and tones the skin. A sachet of the gorgeous overnight skin booster serum is given to you at the end of the treatment to maximise the effects of the facial.


Face The World is a unique holistic facial experience designed to nourish your skin and enlighten your soul.


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Additional Information 

As with all holistic therapies, a course of treatment is recommended to gain the most benefit due to the cumulative effect. Many clients will see a result after just one session, however, a course of treatments is generally recommended - although do come along and experience it once at least, it's an amazing facial. 

Because the massage incorporates your face, shoulders and head, I do like to give clients some guidance prior to a treatment. You'll be clothed throughout, laying on a massage couch, but so I can massage the top of your shoulders and arms it can be helpful if you wear a top with straps that can be pulled down (such as a vest top). Alternatively, you can wear your bra or bikini top and I'll place a towel or sarong across you during the massage. You will, of course, get products on your face, neck and shoulders - I have cleansing wipes that can be used to remove any residue at the end of the treatment if you wish, although you'll certainly benefit from leaving the products on your skin for a time. You might want to bear this in mind, though, particularly if you are going out following the appointment and don't want to be bare-faced. I try to avoid getting products in your hair but the treatment may include a scalp massage if you choose the complimentary Indian Head Massage. If this is a particular concern just let me know and I'll try to keep your hair as neat as possible. 


Please note: if you have had Botox or fillers, this treatment may not be suitable. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further. 

Award-winning Face The World Holistic Facial
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