Fiona Ridgwell  ITEC, Cert CBS

Fiona Ridgwell of Zenergy Holistic Therapies and Bowen Technique. Location: Thorpe End, Norwich, Norfolk

Welcome from Fiona


Alongside my therapy business, I also work part-time as a primary school teacher - I find this helps me to relate to all sorts of people and it's incredible for keeping me grounded - children have an uncanny knack of making you smile, regardless of how stressed you're feeling, and I find teaching very rewarding. However, I also felt I wanted to do something for 'me' so, having reassessed what I wanted out of life, I chose to train in holistic massage. Alongside this, I studied Anatomy and Physiology and achieved my ITEC qualifications. Since then I've trained in a number of other therapies so I can offer clients a wider range of treatments. More recently, I qualified in the Bowen Technique - I'd experienced such amazing results myself from this gentle, non-invasive therapy that I simply had to offer it as a specialism to my clients and it has now become the main focus of my business.


My interest in complementary therapies began in my late teens when I needed to see a chiropractor to treat my chronic back pain and debilitating migraines. I'd been a keen horse-rider since I was a child and was competing at a high level.... sadly it had all taken its toll on my back and neck, and conventional medicine was, I felt, only masking underlying problems. The treatment was generally successful but I was, from then on, much more conscious of what my body was telling me. I've since invested in a wide range of treatments myself: regular Bowen Therapy for ongoing 'maintenance' of aches, pains and for general well-being and other more 'pampering' treatments for nothing more than relaxation and pleasure - I really do feel they've helped on many levels. This journey of discovery not only helped me to address my own problems but opened up a fantastic world of simple, holistic, yet highly effective, therapies and techniques that have now helped many clients in a multitude of ways. 


I'm passionate about what I do and continue to update my skills and knowledge by further training and CPD (Continuing Professional Development). 


If you'd like to book an appointment, or have a no-obligation chat about any of the therapies I offer or your suitability, please get in touch...


Best wishes, Fiona - Zenergy Holistic Therapies & Bowen Technique





  • The Art of Bowen with Alastair Mc Loughlin

  • Fascia Bowen based on the work of Howard Plummer (parts 1 & 2 combined) with Jo Wortley

  • Graham Pennington's "The Importance of Symmetry" with Robert Smith

  • Accredited Practitioner of The Bowen Technique (College of Bowen Studies)

  • Certificate in 'Identifying Red Flags in Healthcare'

  • Emergency First Aid at Work

  • Appointed Person First Aid

  • ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage

  • ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

  • Practitioner Diploma in Face The World Moroccan Candlelight Back Massage

  • Practitioner Diploma in Face The World Holistic Facial Massage

  • Practitioner Diploma in Face The World Thai Foot Massage

  • Practitioner Diploma in Face The World Indian Head Massage

  • Accredited Practitioner of LaStone 'Original Body' Hot & Cold Stone Massage

  • Certificate in Advanced Massage Techniques

  • Practitioners' Diploma in Chair/Seated Acupressure Massage (Gateway Workshops)

  • Practitioners' Diploma in Natural Lift Facial Massage / Facial Rejuvenation (Gateway Workshops)





ITEC Acceditation in Massage Therapy and Anatomy and Physiology
Trained with the College of Bowen Studies